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Why become a member ?
  • Access to attractive brands, services and conditions from Alliance Optics Group’s partner-suppliers.
  • Local Alliance Optics Group team offering support, services and best-practices from the AOG all over the world.
  • Each AOG local entity is connected through the global AOG network to all major and also smaller suppliers and distributors at a global but also regional and local level.
  • Alliance Optics Group is launching with MultiRent®, the “Spectacle and contact lens sales system for the future”
  • Leaflets, merchandizing, documents, trainings, marketing materials etc, for MultiRent ® and other marketing and sales activities.
  • Possibility to sell more spectacles and contact lenses to each customer.
  • Steady income – less fragile to movements in local/global economy.
  • AOG’s website for its members and the suppliers: a new information, sales and marketing support and network platform for the entire optical industry!
  • A web portal with information from the group, presentations and information from our partner-suppliers, download areas with relevant marketing materials, advertising, product catalogues, on-line trainings for use in the store.
  • Access to Alliance Optics Group local, regional and global supplier agreements and conditions.
  • Local AOG offices in each country, regional offices (Europe, Asia-Pacific…)
  • Freedom to act on your own – or to follow the proposals from Alliance Optics Group.
  • Alliance Optics Group guarantees payments to suppliers.
  • Alliance Optics Group arranges local seminars, workshops and events exclusively for our members and the partner- suppliers.
  • Alliance Optics Group cooperates with suppliers and delivers localized innovative and exciting sales and marketing campaigns.
  • A lean organization which gives the members a combination of brands, improved prices, marketing tools and campaigns, as well as new concepts for selling spectacles and contact lenses.