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AOG local teams-Seas​ons Greetings, review 2012 and plans 2013

December 31th, 2012

Dear AOG members, partner-suppliers, colleagues and friends,

2012 went by in a flash! So much has happened in the past 12 months and still it feels like it was

only yesterday that we celebrated the beginning of 2012.

Before we all get ready for the holiday festivities, we would like to take a look back at a few

major milestones that have happened and changed within Alliance Optics Group this past year:

AOG has expanded further in Asia and Europe:

- Many new retail member shops are joining AOG. By now, AOG has more than 250 registered ECP retail members (although not all are visible on the website), present in 15 countries (7 in Asia and 8 in Europe).

- All throughout the year, our local AOG entities have worked hard to increase the reach of our common platform, offering to new members to join and signing local agreements.

- We started new local AOG teams and entities (Singapore, Malaysia).

Marketing and Sales activities:

- We have attended major trade shows (Munich, Mido, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Silmo) in order to develop and increase the agreements with new ‘partner-suppliers’.

- We signed indeed many new agreements for the benefit of our members with new quality suppliers for local or global optimized conditions and plans (VARG, Whiteout & Glare, MunicEyewear, Vanessa & Medhi, Tom Davies, Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, Shamir…)

- Local promotions for many products and brands (lenses, frames, spectacles, contact lenses) and training activities (seminars) have driven more sales and traffic with our partner-suppliers and within the stores of our members.

- We launched and improved the web-ordering tools for some Rx spectacles brands: ‘Prego’ Sunglasses, ‘Fury’ Sports Eyewear, ‘Syne’ with NXT and ‘Poivre et Sel’ eyewear.

Economical crisis and natural disasters:

- Some AOG entities (in particular Finland, Thailand, Philippines) have been hit hard by the general economical challenges and in particular by the flooding in Thailand, which did put on hold for many months the supply of key products and spectacles.

- These AOG entities have finished to recover, have been re-organized as needed and have now again exciting plans for the future.

A stronger and more efficient AOG platform and team:

- The AOG website has been updated with more languages and allows now partner-suppliers and the AOG member shops to increase their direct exchange of information.

- The CEO, Cedric le Bel, has relocated from Asia to Europe (France) last summer to also support further the expansion in Europe, while staying focused on the development of the existing and new AOG entities in Asia.

- New team members have joined the local and the global AOG entities, in particular in Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland… A new global and experienced CFO, Mr. Arnaud Beasse, has joined to support further expansion plans.

- We welcome them all to our global AOG network and group!

In 2013, we will be focusing on and implementing the following priorities:

- Offer to our members and partner-suppliers a new web-ordering platform, which will facilitate the offering, supplying and payment of great quality brands and products available at local, regional or global levels.

- Expand further the special spectacle solutions (quality branded frames with Rx) with addition of new brands of frames and lenses.

- Increase the synergies and some exciting marketing activities (promotions, PR activities, trainings, seminars, driving traffic to the stores) among the various AOG local entities and with an optimized coordination with the different brands and products of our partner-suppliers.

- Modernize our AOG website platform ( and improve its usability this upcoming year with both our members and the partner-suppliers to increase the direct and efficient link between the ECPs and the suppliers or their distributors.

- Continue our geographical expansion and open new AOG entities with local business partners in a few more countries, mainly in Europe and Asia, but also soon in other regions of the world.

There is now a lot to do and we can’t wait to get started in the New Year!

The past year has been certainly a challenging year but it has mainly been an exciting, promising and further expanding year, with great successes and new learnings for all of us.

We could never have done it without our members, our partner-suppliers and each of the local AOG teams!

Thank you all for your dedication and for making Alliance Optics Group what it is already and becoming even more every day: YOUR global optical business platform for independent ECPs!

We wish you, your family and your close ones, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Joy, Health and all the VERY best for 2013!!!


Cédric le Bel, CEO and the AOG Board.


AOG Singapore - Consumer Press information on Hoya Lenses

November 27th, 2012

AOG Singapore has developed with Hoya and a selection of 15 AOG member shops a detailed product information advertorial to respond to specific visual needs of patients in Singapore.

See the link on this web-magazine 'My Paper' and the double ad on pages 28 and 29:

The ad recommends to visit the stores in Singapore who will offer free consultation and all needed info on the lenses to fit at best the needs and visual expectations of the patients.

Eye fatigue, dry eyes, excessive blinking and tearing, blurry or double vision, headaches…

The correct lens type could help relieve these symptoms. Also, different professional or everyday activities, may need different or appropriate optical lenses to provide excellent visual solutions.

The article is well done and informative. Have a look and do not hesitate to contact your local AOG member shop who will always seek and advice the best optical solution for your eyes.

New AOG Singapore country managers and contact details:
Please contact Steve Lim (HP: 92372800 or or Charlie Tan (HP: 97317987 or


October 2011 - AOG’s global network of branches is growing with the start of Alliance Optics Group Singapore (Pte Ltd)

The AOG business platform for independent ECPs has grown further in the last 2 years in Asia with Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines and now Singapore, joining the global Alliance Optics Group network.

A selection of already over 15 very motivated and quality independent ECPs have started as members with AOG in Singapore and Mr. Soh Wei Zhi, is the Managing Director..

Education: Weizhi holds a diploma in Optometry & a BA in Business & Economics.

Experience: Weizhi worked in various optical shops since 2002 (Nanyang Optical/Pearl’s Optics/Yi Optics), in clinics and hospitals as a Locum Optometrist and more recently as Key Accounts Manager and Lens Consultant at Signet Armorlite Singapore and trainer at Carl Zeiss Vision.

Weizhi’s expertise and energy will contribute to the quality efforts of many to upgrade further the standard of the eyecare industry in Singapore by sharing and promoting best practices from all over the world.

The members can expect Weizhi and AOG to focus with local and international partner-suppliers and distributors on providing them with the latest and new lens technologies, frame brands and contact lenses. The expectation is to support all in Singapore to upgrade their practice and to boost sales.

This will also come to the members with better conditions, marketing activities, services and prices, agreed and coordinated actively with the ‘partner-suppliers and distributors’.

AOG Singapore attended the SOP trade show in November 2011 in Singapore:

Picture shows (from left to right): Ms. Jenny Agerbeck and Mr. Jesper Jensen from Frands Jensen Prego sunglasses (Denmark), Mr. Simon Ng (President SOP), Mr. Soh Wei Zhi (MD AOG Singapore), Mr. Cedric le Bel (Group CEO AOG Ltd.), Dr. Lim Wee Kiak (MP Singapore), Mr. Daniel Cheong (SOP), Mr. Steve Lim (SOP).

We all welcome AOG Singapore, its members and Mr. Soh Wei Zhi, into the global family of the Alliance Optics Group and wish them a great success.

Alliance Optics Group Ltd.

Cedric le Bel (Group CEO)


November 2011: Training workshop in Manila (Philippines)

November 2011: Training workshop in Manila (Philippines) with shop managers and staff on lens material, in particular Trivex from PPG and on a very successful sunglass frame brand from Europe (Prego from Frands Jensen - Denmark) launched in the Philippines with AOG.

The shops react with enthusiasm to these new optical solutions combining quality lens materials and innovative brands of frames – coming with marketing support and training coordinated with AOG's local team.

Prego frames are available as Spectacles (frames with Rx) in SV and progressives designs on the AOG website (login for AOG member shops).

Contact your local AOG partner.


AOG Nordics : A new start !

Alliance Optics Group network strengthens in Europe

As of the 1st of September 2010, the Alliance Optics Group Europe company has restructured its organization, to contain a new Nordic entity, named ‘Alliance Optics Group Nordics Aps.’.

This Alliance Optics Group Nordics will consist of one of the founders, Lars Kristiansen together with the two new co-owners Jarl Riise and Klaus Kjær.

The goal and priority of this new entity is to strengthen and expand the network of members in the region Nordics (mainly Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Norway).

The daily operations and development will be coordinated by Jarl and Klaus.

Lars will be part of the board together with Jarl, Klaus and one representative from the global AOG Ltd. company.

To ensure the correct setup and a good start, Jarl and Klaus will visit all the optical retail stores, members of AOG in the Nordics one by one, to spot exactly the needs and opportunities… Optical stores will be contacted soon, to arrange a visit. Work is underway to support further extensively the individual stores with their personal and different needs.

Jarl is 49 years old and comes from a position as managing director at Nyt Syn.
Mobil +45 2136 1904

Klaus is 45 years old and after selling his three optical shops, his function has been Business Development and coaching in an optical chain.
Mobil +45 2211 7789

Alliance Optics Group Nordics’ new address is:
Harevænget 21, Strandhuse, 6000 Kolding – Denmark

We look forward to create a fun and exciting future together with you.

Best regards,

The board of directors of Alliance Optics Group Nordics ApS.


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