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MultiRent® is the perfect choice for children

As part of the natural health examination with the school doctor, the vision of the child is also examined. Nevertheless, it is important that the parents are noticing if the child shows any sign of vision problems.

This is how these problems occur :

  • Headaches
  • Rubbing of the eyes
  • Makes “pin hole”
  • Watches TV from too close
  • Closes one eye when reading

If the child is below 12 years of age, an eye examination from an ophthalmologist is recommendable.

This is recommended to make sure that the eyes of the child are safe and that the vision is optimum.

What is the eye doctor looking for?

At the clinic, you will be well informed about what kind of visual problem your child might be suffering from.

Short- or long sightedness and – or – astigmatism are the most common visual errors.

Spectacles – and so what ?

Even if your child has had the refraction measured at the eye doctors clinic, there are many questions arising, - when the child needs indeed spectacles for the first time, especially if you are not wearing spectacles yourself.

The optician is knowledgeable and experienced with spectacles and the problems that might occur in the daily life – and we are always ready to answer any question.

Service, warranty and running maintenance – is always part of the MultiRent® concept.

As opticians, we often see the results of rough playing, sports etc. and are ready to solve the issues.

Children spectacles with destroyed frames or lenses are part of our daily work - and we all know it happens.

MultiRent® means very favorable prices on repair of your spectacles, both frames and lenses and make you relax – also after your child has got his spectacles.

Control of spectacles

Once a year, we will send a kind reminder. We will at that time check up on the spectacles, if they still fit the head correctly, if they need some adjustments and we clean the spectacles with ultrasound. This service is naturally free of charge as part of the complete MultiRent® service offering.