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Spectacles ad libitum

The best Spectacle rental system in the world !

MultiRent® is a unique spectacle renting system for you who would like several different spectacles at the same time or buy more regularly.

The more you rent, the more you save.

There are only 2 different price levels; one for Single vision lenses and one for Progressive lenses. This means that the monthly rental always remains the same, regardless of how many spectacles you have rented.

Only the initial payment varies from the cheapest to the most expensive brands.

By the time of ending the rental period you simply return the rented spectacles.

How many spectacles would you like ?

There are numerous situations where normal day to day spectacles are inefficient. More and more wearers need additional spectacles – for sports, golf – or fashion spectacles that go to the new dress, just to mention a few examples.

Many of us could have great use of special spectacles to do our daily work; spending time in front of a Computer screen or driving for many hours.

MultiRent® is also the perfect choice for children.

With MultiRent® you are automatically insured, which means that you have access to very attractive prices in case your spectacles needs a repair.

Please consult our nearest store to get more info – or send a mail to one of our local offices.