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MultiRent® is what we consider as the “The sales concept for the future”

Have you, as an eyewear customer, ever considered being a member of an exclusive club, which maximizes your possibilities to get new spectacles?

The solution is here…….MultiRent® is the right system!

We offer exclusive frames and lenses and even contact lenses, at affordable prices to the members of our MultiRent® customer club. You, as a consumer and wearer, - become a member when you order your first pair of MultiRent® spectacles. The membership always runs for at least 12 to 24 months and you are only paying a very small membership fee every month.

What benefits do you get?

As a club member you are allowed to rent as many spectacles as you like – you only pay a startup cost with every new pair you get.

If your prescription changes, you just order new spectacles and pay the low startup cost to get the new prescription in your glasses.

If a spectacle gets damaged, you have a cheap replacement – or exchange.

If you lost your Spectacles, you only pay a small amount to get them replaced, compared to regular bought spectacles.

We make sure that the Spectacles and your prescription is checked regularly.

You will receive special offers and special introductions of new products and new developments in lenses and frames.

Where can you become a MultiRent® - customer Club member?

Look at Countries and check out the store locator – or contact the local Alliance Optics Group office.

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