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Welcome to Alliance Optics Group

Alliance Optics Group is a co-operation between independent ECP's (Eye Care Professionals) throughout Europe, Asia and reaching now to more regions in the world, who work to improve their ability to compete against global and regionally owned chains and low price opticians, by combining their buying power from the suppliers into global account.

This account is run and maintained by Alliance Optics Group on behalf of the ECP´s who are part of the group, anywhere in the world.

The group operates a number of local joint venture companies in order to be close to the members (Opticians, Optometrists and Ophtalmologists) in each country and region.

The local AOG companies run the day-to-day co-operation between our partner suppliers and our member stores, allowing the storeowners to focus on their business and to give the best possible service to the end consumers and patients.

It is a global business platform for both the member stores and the partner-suppliers and their distributors, to meet, to do quality business (win-win conditions) and to supply innovative and quality brands, products and services to the markets and ultimately of course to the end-users and patients.

Alliance Optics Group develops tailor made promotion campaigns and marketing materials together with our partner suppliers and makes the individual ECP´s able to increase sales and improve the offering to the consumers.

Alliance Optics Group has agreements with major suppliers in the industry and continues to focus on offering the very best palette of products to our members, which is of benefit to the customers in our member stores.

Alliance Optics Group is developing a rollout of the MultiRent® concept, a “state of the art” spectacle rental offer, throughout the member stores.

The MultiRent® is beneficial to the end consumers, our member ECP´s and our partner suppliers.

Join us!

Best and Kind Regards,
Management of Alliance Optics Group Ltd.